Xbox One Homebrew might be a reality soon

There hasn’t really been any news regarding the Xbox One or the PS4 for a while now, but recently, we’ve seen some action on the EFnet IRC network.

Looks like someone has discovered a huge vulnerability issue with the Xbox One and they can possibly take advantage of it! From the looks of it, Xbox One Homebrew might be a reality soon.

[3:08pm] <Iriez> wow
[3:08pm] <Iriez> wowowowowowow
[3:08pm] <Iriez> I just got GREAT news for xboxone hacking
[3:09pm] <+giglife> Iriez ¦ I just got GREAT news for xboxone hacking | lets hear the big news
[3:10pm] <Iriez> lets just say its already done.
[3:10pm] <Iriez> games over
[3:10pm] <Iriez> :)
[3:11pm] <herbz42o> homebrew?
[3:22pm] <Iriez> goddamn im fucking excited
[3:22pm] <Iriez> There’s no beans to spill
[3:23pm] <Iriez> it just…is what it is :)
[3:23pm] <Iriez> We will see examples within the following months….right now is the discovery phase, development must be done
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> think of the most radical situation that could have possibly happened. The thing that would most hurt the security
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> the thing that others have tried to get for other consoles and never succeeded (though they did with ps3)
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> thats what happened
[3:49pm] keys?
[3:49pm] <@hordak> keys?
[3:49pm] <@hordak> heh
[3:49pm] * +Iriez neener neener not sayin
[3:49pm] <@hordak> yes then
[3:50pm] <+Iriez> well, theoretically if the keys were leaked
[3:50pm] <+Iriez> IF….
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> public key is stored on cpu die
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> ….. :-)
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> new hardware would need to be rolled out
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> and even then
[3:51pm] oh nice
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> how are they going to prevent files signed with the old key from working
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> if they change their public/private pair?
[3:52pm] <+Iriez> welcome to the beggining of a new age!
[3:53pm] <+Iriez> xboxone full homebrew will likely be a reality in a short time
[4:01pm] <+Iriez> who said anyone found the private key ? :)
[4:01pm] <+Blackwolf> i got that refrence kl0wn
[4:01pm] so this will be the easiest hack ever than to apply. Literally just a dashboard update thats been hacked up
[4:01pm] <+Blackwolf> lol
[4:01pm] like the ps3
[4:01pm] <+Blackwolf> high five
[4:02pm] <+Iriez> ….perhaps ; )

Although this might look like unicorns and butterflies at first sight, don’t get your hopes up too high. It will definitely take time to develop a proper Xbox One homebrew scene as they will require to develop the SDK, a community and various tools to allow modifications and unsigned applications to run on the Xbox One.


Microsoft is considering removing the disc drive of the Xbox One.

Yep, that’s right. There were thoughts to remove the disc drive for the Xbox One completely. In this modern day and age it sort of makes sense BUT it kind of does not at the same time.

The removal of the disc drive might not be such a bad idea. Considering the fact that it only provides wear and tear. And it now can be easily replaced by downloading games straight into your hard drive. Essentially removing any wear and tear for discs that you have and giving you the ability to re-download the games at any given time.

However, the games these days often are well over 10Gb and to download a game as big as that you’d have to wait for a good while. Especially if your internet connection isn’t Google Fiber. Now if you had a disc drive, you could easily walk to your nearest game shop and just buy the game.

hard-drive-On top of that, there’s the added limitation of space that you get. If the drive was say 700Gb and the average game for the system would be around 20Gb, that leaves us with space for 35 games. While that doesn’t sound all that bad, remember that games get larger with each release of theirs and after you add all the DLCs, additional content and whatever else you’ve got there, you probably have 15 games on your system. Not that awesome, right?

While removing the disc drive removes some problems for the users, it does bring a few of its own to the table. And these problems aren’t going away anywhere anytime soon.


People are screaming for a modular console. Will anyone deliver?

The concepts of “modular” phones have been floating around for a while now. These are phones that have interchangeable parts. And it’s only natural for the people to start applying the concepts to other known things, consoles being one of them.

On one hand, we’d have amazing capabilities for hard-hacking (hardware hacking). Being able to interchange the parts would allow us to adopt hardware modifications that you could easily buy off eBay or Amazon and install them on to your console. It would also give us the possibility to upgrade the consoles hardware for the games that would require us to do so. For example swapping out the graphics card for a better, newer one and improving the performance of our games.

On the other hand, though, hard-hacking would cause major headaches for game developers and console manufacturers. Piracy would be easier to achieve, hardware would be easier to replicate as well. Also, the majority of the console crowd purchase their consoles because they’re low-maintenance. Meaning that there are no hardware upgrades that you need to learn about or anything else.

What d’you think? Would you love a modular console or would yo not and why? Leave your answer in the comment section below!

GTA 5 Speed Up

Speeding up GTA 5 Load Times – Xbox 360

GTA 5 is the latest title from Rockstar Games. Unfortunately, if you’re playing the game on your Xbox 360, the load times can start getting annoying. This is due to the fact that GTA 5 is a fantastic game and to load all its awesomeness from the disc, the DVD drive has to handle a lot of data.

Install it to the internal hard drive

You can always go ahead and install GTA V to the internal hard drive of the Xbox 360. This will however, require you to still put in the disc when you want to play, but it will greatly improve the load times. You might also want to JTAG or RGH your Xbox 360, so that you can spare the wear and tear on the disc.

Instal it to the external hard drive – GO SSD!

What you can also do is install GTA 5 to an external hard drive. You can even use an SSD if you are using an external drive. This will improve the loading times of GTA 5 absolutely loads! Unfortunately, to do this you will need to modify your Xbox 360, but this is only one of the few perks of modding. Check out our other posts for more modding tips and tricks!

If you already own GTA 5 and have a modded Xbox 360 and would like to transfer your game to the hard drive, use GameBackupSystem to create a backup that will be transferrable to the internal or external hard disc drive.

The hidden perks of Xbox 360 Modifications

We get loads of complaints here at GBS from people who don’t want to mod their systems because it’s “illegal” or “risky”. We dedicate this post to explaining the benefits of Xbox 360 modifications.

Endless Emulators

If you modify your Xbox 360 with a specific chip, you can load “unofficial” software on to your Xbox. This includes a variety of emulators. Emulators for Nintendo64, PlayStation 1, NES, MAME and a lot more.

Emulators are a great way to go back to your childhood and enjoy the games you once enjoyed for countless hours each day.


You can also install a Linux-Based Xbox Media Centre, which will allow you to transform your Xbox 360 into a home entertainment system that’s even possibly better than the new Xbox One. Play movies, enjoy Netflix, listen to music, look at pictures and even watch Twitch or Justin.TV streams!


Game Backups

You can also enjoy game backups straight from your hard drive without the need of putting in the disc each time you play the game. Methods on how to do this are detailed in the GameBackupSystems additional manual, which is provided free of charge with each digital copy of the software.


Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs Xbox One vs PS4

So, we’ve had a lot of posts about the hardware and whatever else of the new consoles, but never have we looked at the actual differences between the graphical quality and smoothness of the games on last-gen and current-gen consoles. The game we’re going to be comparing is the new Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

What seems to be is that the games do not differ THAT much. The textures are a bit more detailed and the lighting with shadows have definitely improved. But is it really that different?

Due to the “improved lighting and shadows” the characters now look like plastic dolls even more than they used to. Nice lighting and shadows is good, but too much of it makes it looks like everything’s made of plastic or play-dough.

What seems to be the case is that there are more particles, but they actually make the characters look LESS real. Hopefully this will get resolved at some point.

While the graphics aren’t that much different, lets remember the days when the Xbox 360 and the PS3 first came out. The games weren’t that different from what they used to look like on the PS2 and the original Xbox. The graphics were only OK, but as the time passed, it was hard to tell whether the newer games were running on the actual same consoles or have there been any hardware improvements down the line.

Anyway, enough rants for now, we’ll leave you with a video of a detailed comparison so that you could see for yourselves.

Xbox 360 Flashing, J-TAG, RGH and R-JTAG explained

So we’ve hopefully made it clear by now that in order to play backup games on an Xbox 360 IT HAS TO BE MODDED. But we have never explained the differences in modding or what modding actually is. Here it goes…

Flashing a DVD Drive

Xbox 360 Drive

Xbox 360 Drive

One of the more common things to do is to simply flash your Xbox 360 drive. It doesn’t cost a lot and all it takes to do is to simply connect the DVD drive to a computer. Simple enough, right?

What this “mod” essentially does is that it allows you to play backed up discs. Discs that GameBackupSystem creates.




This holy trinity is a bunch of similar hardware hacks. What all of these do is they turn your console into a semi-developer console so that you can run unsigned code.

JTAG is a bit different from the two as it is quite slow and does not require additional hardware. It is cheaper to accomplish however, but it is now pretty obsolete.

RGH and R-JTAG are the most recent tools. Any older Xbox 360 can be modded to date. These will require a fair bit of extra hardware installed inside your Xbox 360. While it might be tempting to mod it yourself, we would advise you to go ahead and find someone who’d do it for you.

The holy trinity will let you play your backups from an external hard drive, as opposed to any other method described in the GameBackupSystem. It will also not require you to have a disc present in order to play the backup from the hard drive. This will essentially speed up the loading times as well.

That’s all for now. Any questions and suggestions are welcome!

Steam Box and Steam Machines

CES2014 Steam Machines – A new console rises.

At GameBackupSystem we are all about new gaming technology, thus we were pretty excited when we saw the preview of all the different Steamboxes. However, we do have our own opinion formed of the whole concept of Steamboxes and here it is.

Steam Machines are definitely a different approach.

Steam Machine Console

Steam Machine Console

Valve is definitely taking a different approach towards gaming and consoles in general with its Steambox. Most people argue that it’s just a PC with a less-capable operating system. Meaning, that you cannot run your favourite applications on it, although the hardware is more than capable of doing so.

And it seems like the manufacturers of various different Steamboxes understand the concepts rather differently. There are a wide variety of machines to choose from, some of which resemble PC setups and are even capable of dual-booting.

Here’s a video of some of the latest Steam Machines by various manufacturers:

Limited amount of games.

Some people argue that because of the base of the Steam Machines operating system (Linux) it will have a very limited amount of games. But the PS4 is based on FreeBSD, which is Unix and people still develop games for it, so why is Linux (Unix based as well) and exception? In our eyes, it’s only a matter of time before companies realise the potential of Linux and start developing games for the system and the Steam Machines.

The end of discs and backups?

Game Backups Online

Game Backups Online

Could this be the end of discs and game backups? No, not at all. Sure, Steam Machines have your purchase record online and you can re-download any game at any time, but what if you do not want to waste time doing so? This is where game backups will still be alive, although it won’t be game backups in the same sense, but rather backups of an operating system altogether.

How to back up your games?

The question as to how does one backup their video games is what we specialise in! Backing up is a rather quick and painless way, but in order to play the games, it’s a completely different story.

How do I backup?

Backing up games is a matter of having the correct software package and some spare storage media (HDD, dvd discs, blu-ray discs). All you have to do in most cases, is just insert the game disc into your computer and then just use the software package and back the game up, it’s as simple as that.

GameBackupSystem is great for this exact purpose because it’s easy to use and it’s cross platform! Meaning it works on Linux, Windows and Mac.

Extra Hardware

Sometimes you will need extra hardware though and no game backup software will help you with this. This especially applies to Xbox and Wii games. If you want to back them up, you will have to buy special DVD drives of very specific make and model. This is due to the fact that these DVD drives are the only things on the market which are able to read the discs of the consoles. There are other methods though, how to backup your games WITHOUT having the additional hardware and these methods are safer as well. They are outlined in GameBackupSystem.

Game Backup System working on Mac OS X

Game Backup System working on Mac OS X

Playing Game Backups

Game Backup System with user manuals and a ton of extras!

Game Backup System with user manuals and a ton of extras!

Playing your game backups is a more difficult task, which GameBackupSystem (and neither does any other such software) deal with. You NEED to modify your console in order to play games. There are SOME ways, which no other software will provide you with, and they are outlined in the GameBackupSystem manuals.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

The two new-gen consoles we wrote about so much have seen a lot of movement in game backups so far. Our team has done a lot of analysis on the two consoles and we are working really hard to be the first and the only ones who will provide users with the ability to back-up their games.

While our competition is staying in the same place, we strive to provide you with good quality software and guides on how to backup your games on all of the platforms and all of the consoles!

Game Backup System some of the supported consoles

Game Backup System some of the supported consoles


PS4 vs Xbox One composite

The Next Generation Is Here

The next generation of consoles is here. Even though we are finally able to get our hands on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, it will still be quite some time before we can finally get on to backing up games for the next generation of consoles.

It usually takes around a year or two in order for the consoles to settle down and some clever guy out there to crack the algorithms behind burning discs, backing them up and whatever else. Thus, we’d expect around the same time next year to see at least SOME homebrew roll out for the two consoles.

The Xbox One potential

Xbox Windows

Xbox Windows

The Xbox One runs on a version of Windows 8, which means it will probably be able to run some sort of a windowbreak in order to install homebrew. Just like Windows Phone 7.8 was able to run homebrew apps after a while. This will hopefully open a lot of possibilities for the Xbox One, such as alternative media centres and alternative unauthorised apps. However, keeping in mind that the Xbox One actually has a lot of this stuff integrated and out of the box, we can’t help but wonder where creativity will bring us next.

The PlayStation 4 Backups

PS4 Hardware

PS4 Hardware

The PlayStation 4 is still running the good old Blu-Ray disc format, meaning that we can more or less back it up using GameBackupSystem. You might not be able to play the backups YET, but it will soon get fixed, once the smart guys manage to find out how to modify the PS4 to play backup games. This might be a chip or a software mod. The PS3 was the last system to get cracked back in the day, so it might be the same with the new generation of consoles as well.

You can still go ahead and try to back up Xbox One and PS4 games with tools such as Game Backup System. It might work and it might not, depending on the systems and the formats that are used. Be sure though, once we get to find out, we will definitely update Game Backup System with the latest bits and pieces!