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Top 10 Consoles of All Time

Have you ever wondered what the modern gaming would look like, if there were no gaming machines ever invented? We would probably be playing tic-tact-toe, with the only graphics improvement being a nicer X or a nicer O. Without what we now know as a console, there would likely be no 3D graphics for games and no blockbuster titles, such as Super Mario, Call of Duty, Sonic the Hedgehog and many others. Thus, let us take some time to look at the top 10 of what paved the way to the current console gaming industry as we know it.

#10 – Sega Dreamcast



Sega Dreamcast was one of the best consoles of its time. The fact that it had amazing 3D performance, when compared to its competitors, made it stand out from the public.

While the Sega Dreamcast was not the first to use discs for gaming, it was the very first one to allow online play with some of its well-known titles, such as Phantasy Star Online.

#9 – Atari Video Computer System



Although it did not boast spectacular graphics and/or sound, the Atari had something to offer that its generation of video game machines could not offer and that is switching games via different cartridges.

Although the Atari had some of the best titles of its generation, it was soon ruined by the worse games of the generation that did not do too well in terms of sales.

#8 – Nintendo Gameboy



The Nintendo Gameboy is a console that is still holding strong even these days, even though it had numerous improved version released over the years. The main advantage that the Gameboy had over the other handhelds of the time is that it was the only pocket sized console and the batteries went into double digit numbers.

#7 – Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 was not great, but it definitely left us all some great memories. The instant loading times of the 3D cartridges were absolutely amazing, although they did cost a small fortune a pop.

With titles such as Goldeneye 007, Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario 3D it was definitely something worth spending your money on, especially if you wanted great family entertainment.

#6 – Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis

While the Sega Genesis had its pros and cons, it still managed to introduce some great blockbuster games and set the bar for the future consoles to reach.

Back in the day, if you had a Sega Genesis, you were one of the coolest kids on the block and everyone would want to be your friend, just so they could come over and play some Sonic the Hedgehog.

#5 – Gameboy Advance

GameBoy Advance

GameBoy Advance

The GBA was a step up from the previous version of the Nintendo Gameboy. By adding more colours, improving the battery and introducing even more titles, the console still manages to make sales of the console or its accessories to this day. There were accessories released along with the new consoles which would let consumers play their GBA games on bigger screens and with controllers.

#4 – PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2

Now that we have recently gone through a generation of PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4 E3 is just around the corner, the PlayStation 2 sounds pretty damn old. However, it was a console that had one of the longest lifetimes in the industry, before the PlayStation 2 came out. It also introduced the titles such as God of War, Ratchet and Clank and many others that we enjoy to this day.

#3 – The NES

Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Entertainment System

The NES is where it old began for most gamers and the console to pave the way to most of the popular titles that we know now. It also was one of the first machines to break away from the traditional joystick and go for the d-pad.

#2 – Super Nintendo

Super NES

Super NES

The step up from the original NES was the Super NES. The console took what was best from its predecessor and incorporated it with some better graphics and faster performance. It is also worth noting that the SNES was probably the pioneer for 3D games on consoles as it started a whole new series of pseudo 3D games, such as Starfox.

#1 – PlayStation 1

PlayStation 1

PlayStation 1

This is an unexpected first place winner, is it? The reason why we chose the PlayStation 1 as our winner is because it was an absolute breakthrough in the world of gaming. It was marketed really well and the world has not seen such a following behind a gaming console. What really did it for the PlayStation was cheap games when compared to its competitors.

The PlayStation 1 offered great titles that still echo through even nowadays and it remains to be one of the greatest machines out there.

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