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People are screaming for a modular console. Will anyone deliver?

The concepts of “modular” phones have been floating around for a while now. These are phones that have interchangeable parts. And it’s only natural for the people to start applying the concepts to other known things, consoles being one of them.

On one hand, we’d have amazing capabilities for hard-hacking (hardware hacking). Being able to interchange the parts would allow us to adopt hardware modifications that you could easily buy off eBay or Amazon and install them on to your console. It would also give us the possibility to upgrade the consoles hardware for the games that would require us to do so. For example swapping out the graphics card for a better, newer one and improving the performance of our games.

On the other hand, though, hard-hacking would cause major headaches for game developers and console manufacturers. Piracy would be easier to achieve, hardware would be easier to replicate as well. Also, the majority of the console crowd purchase their consoles because they’re low-maintenance. Meaning that there are no hardware upgrades that you need to learn about or anything else.

What d’you think? Would you love a modular console or would yo not and why? Leave your answer in the comment section below!

GTA 5 Speed Up

Speeding up GTA 5 Load Times – Xbox 360

GTA 5 is the latest title from Rockstar Games. Unfortunately, if you’re playing the game on your Xbox 360, the load times can start getting annoying. This is due to the fact that GTA 5 is a fantastic game and to load all its awesomeness from the disc, the DVD drive has to handle a lot of data.

Install it to the internal hard drive

You can always go ahead and install GTA V to the internal hard drive of the Xbox 360. This will however, require you to still put in the disc when you want to play, but it will greatly improve the load times. You might also want to JTAG or RGH your Xbox 360, so that you can spare the wear and tear on the disc.

Instal it to the external hard drive – GO SSD!

What you can also do is install GTA 5 to an external hard drive. You can even use an SSD if you are using an external drive. This will improve the loading times of GTA 5 absolutely loads! Unfortunately, to do this you will need to modify your Xbox 360, but this is only one of the few perks of modding. Check out our other posts for more modding tips and tricks!

If you already own GTA 5 and have a modded Xbox 360 and would like to transfer your game to the hard drive, use GameBackupSystem to create a backup that will be transferrable to the internal or external hard disc drive.