Best Xbox 360 Hardware Mods

When you first get your console out of the shop, take it home and open it for the very first time – it sure feels awesome and you feel like the console is sleek and looks great. Unfortunately over time we get bored with the things we have and we resort to measures such as modifying our console, but oh happy days are here as most of the mods have probably been already completed for you. Here are some of the best console mods for your Xbox 360 out there:

1. Red vs. Blue

This awesome console mod puts you right in between the battle between the red and blue sides of Halo. Being the most successful shooting game of the 21st century, this Xbox 360 mod is perfect for those who want to make a tribute to their favorite game.


2. Shoot-Through

The shoot through console was a really interesting project. Primarily for the fact that it was sold on eBay and all of the funds raised were donated to charity. You probably will not find how it was made, but it is definitely something to get inspired.


3. Drive! While in your car.

If you are a hardcore driving games fan, then you will absolutely love this. Here is a console mod that involves modding your car as well! How does this work? Well, it lets you drive, while you drive! Yeah, that pretty much sounds like something that came out of “Pimp My Ride”, but you get the gist.

console-mods-44. See through!

We all love a nice computer mod, with loads of shiny lights and a case where you can see the electrics right through. Turns out you can do the same with your Xbox 360 as well. This mod is awesome, just look at it! There are plenty more similar ones available as well, if you search hard enough.



We hope that these 4 console mods will get you going on modding your own Xbox 360. If you do anything fancy, please, let us know and we will give you a spotlight on our blog! :)

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