Game Backups, Piracy and Game Backup Software in a nutshell.

If you are familiar with the game backup scene at all, you might catch yourself wondering why is it so damn difficult to mane a backup of a game that you own, purely for the purpose of not damaging the original. Well, the main reason for the insane difficulty of backing up games is that it opens up possibilities for piracy.

Do they ever want that?

Most of the teams that work on exploits and modifications for your consoles often do it purely for the fun or the challenge of doing so. I doubt that any of the teams who manage to allow 3rd party software to be installed on a console actually meant to enable piracy, but unfortunately this does happen as the gateway is the opened towards more malicious software to be installed on the system, which enables backups in a disc storage media to be run.

Ends up the same way

If you have ever done some research on game backups, you will notice that quite a few discussions often lead to people wanting to abuse what they get out of backing up games in order to start downloading illegal copies of games and using the same method as burning a backup in order to obtain a brand new game. As most often what people want is to play backup games via a disc, rather than make a backup to an external or internal hard drive. Please note that the latter often does not involve console modifications as heavy as modifications when trying to play a backed up disc.

Then again, there often are good people as well, who really want nothing more than to enjoy their backed up game. The bad thing is, however, that these people are often unwilling to do what it takes to save their game collection, for example they do not want to modify their console at all.

The Game Backup Software

These people often resort to buying “magic software” packages, that enable to make backups of games, claiming they do not require you to modify your console. We can proudly say that all of these software packages are nothing but a load of ****. In order to backup your game, you do not have to modify your console, but playing it is a completely different story. While the software packages are true to some extent, the Game Backup System is probably the only game backup software that actually tells you how to backup a game and gives you the knowledge to modify your console on your own as a free bonus on top of what you pay.


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