How do I backup my games?

The main drawback for buying a video game console is the fact that physical discs will have to be used in order to run games. While this might sound find to some of you, this is a headache for some people, especially those who have small children who like to chuck things around. The most simple solution to the problem is to make backups of your games, so if they get scratched to the point where they become unplayable, you still have a backup to rely on.

But how do I do this?

In order to create a backup of a game, you will have to find a way for your computer to read the disc in the first place. This often involves buying software or additional hardware in order to bypass the protection put on the game discs. While it is illegal to re-distribute the copy that you have made, it is perfectly legal to use it within your own household to save your physical discs.

What software should I get?

Game Backup Software

Game Backup Software

There are basically two types of software available, you can either pay for all the tools separately or buy some sort of an All-In-One solution, such as the GameBackupSystem. The main difference is that All-In-One game backup solutions often provide detailed guides and support for using the software packages. When it comes to standalone software – you will receive no guides or professional help whatsoever and will pretty much be on your own, thus this is not the greatest solution for those who are not technically savvy.

Additional Hardware

Sometimes, you need additional hardware to be able to backup the games on to disc. Specifically, the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 XGD3 will require additional hardware to backup their games. The hardware in question is usually a specific DVD drive which is able to read the game discs with some slight modifications. While these drives will cost you around $50, it is definitely worth the price, considering the amount of money you will be able to save.

Modding the Console

Console Mods

Console Mods

Often people claim that they are unable to play their games after successfully backing them up and burning the backup on to the disc. Well, what did you expect? BACKING UP, does not mean PLAYING the actual game. In order to do so you will be required to modify your console and those who claim you can play without modding are trying to sell you a false product. If you are not prepared to modify your console in order to save money on re-buying games, then you most definitely do not want to save money that much.

Keep in mind that most of the console modifications are really easy to accomplish on your own and usually require modifications on the software level, meaning you will not have to open the console up at all.

In a Nutshell

To put this long story short, what you will need to backup your video games are some specific software packages or an All-In-One software solution (Game Backup System). But when it comes to playing the backups, you will have to have a modified console to achieve this!

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