The hidden perks of Xbox 360 Modifications

We get loads of complaints here at GBS from people who don’t want to mod their systems because it’s “illegal” or “risky”. We dedicate this post to explaining the benefits of Xbox 360 modifications.

Endless Emulators

If you modify your Xbox 360 with a specific chip, you can load “unofficial” software on to your Xbox. This includes a variety of emulators. Emulators for Nintendo64, PlayStation 1, NES, MAME and a lot more.

Emulators are a great way to go back to your childhood and enjoy the games you once enjoyed for countless hours each day.


You can also install a Linux-Based Xbox Media Centre, which will allow you to transform your Xbox 360 into a home entertainment system that’s even possibly better than the new Xbox One. Play movies, enjoy Netflix, listen to music, look at pictures and even watch Twitch or Justin.TV streams!


Game Backups

You can also enjoy game backups straight from your hard drive without the need of putting in the disc each time you play the game. Methods on how to do this are detailed in the GameBackupSystems additional manual, which is provided free of charge with each digital copy of the software.

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