Xbox One Homebrew might be a reality soon

There hasn’t really been any news regarding the Xbox One or the PS4 for a while now, but recently, we’ve seen some action on the EFnet IRC network.

Looks like someone has discovered a huge vulnerability issue with the Xbox One and they can possibly take advantage of it! From the looks of it, Xbox One Homebrew might be a reality soon.

[3:08pm] <Iriez> wow
[3:08pm] <Iriez> wowowowowowow
[3:08pm] <Iriez> I just got GREAT news for xboxone hacking
[3:09pm] <+giglife> Iriez ¦ I just got GREAT news for xboxone hacking | lets hear the big news
[3:10pm] <Iriez> lets just say its already done.
[3:10pm] <Iriez> games over
[3:10pm] <Iriez> :)
[3:11pm] <herbz42o> homebrew?
[3:22pm] <Iriez> goddamn im fucking excited
[3:22pm] <Iriez> There’s no beans to spill
[3:23pm] <Iriez> it just…is what it is :)
[3:23pm] <Iriez> We will see examples within the following months….right now is the discovery phase, development must be done
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> think of the most radical situation that could have possibly happened. The thing that would most hurt the security
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> the thing that others have tried to get for other consoles and never succeeded (though they did with ps3)
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> thats what happened
[3:49pm] keys?
[3:49pm] <@hordak> keys?
[3:49pm] <@hordak> heh
[3:49pm] * +Iriez neener neener not sayin
[3:49pm] <@hordak> yes then
[3:50pm] <+Iriez> well, theoretically if the keys were leaked
[3:50pm] <+Iriez> IF….
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> public key is stored on cpu die
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> ….. :-)
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> new hardware would need to be rolled out
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> and even then
[3:51pm] oh nice
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> how are they going to prevent files signed with the old key from working
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> if they change their public/private pair?
[3:52pm] <+Iriez> welcome to the beggining of a new age!
[3:53pm] <+Iriez> xboxone full homebrew will likely be a reality in a short time
[4:01pm] <+Iriez> who said anyone found the private key ? :)
[4:01pm] <+Blackwolf> i got that refrence kl0wn
[4:01pm] so this will be the easiest hack ever than to apply. Literally just a dashboard update thats been hacked up
[4:01pm] <+Blackwolf> lol
[4:01pm] like the ps3
[4:01pm] <+Blackwolf> high five
[4:02pm] <+Iriez> ….perhaps ; )

Although this might look like unicorns and butterflies at first sight, don’t get your hopes up too high. It will definitely take time to develop a proper Xbox One homebrew scene as they will require to develop the SDK, a community and various tools to allow modifications and unsigned applications to run on the Xbox One.

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