Backup / Copy XBox360 Games


What You Need

NOTE: Please remember that in order to play your game backups, you will need a modded Xbox 360! If you Xbox is not modded, you will not be able to play your backups!

  1. WxRipper Software [download 32bit] [download 64bit]
  2. DVDDecrypter [download]
  3. A DVD Drive
  4. Paper Clip
  5. A Dual Layer DVD. These are over 7.5Gb in size. Examples of these are:
    1. Heroes TV Series (Season 1 Disc 3)
    2. Variations of the Mac OS X install DVD
    3. Some DVD movies
      In order to find a Dual Layer disc, check the cover of the case. It should state which type of DVD is used.
  6. Your Original Game DVD
  7. A Blank DVD To Burn The Game To
  8. We strongly reccommend that you watch THIS VIDEO if you are having any difficulties backing up your game.


Before You Start

Before you start, you must install WxRipper onto your machine. Just download it and then proceed to install it. This will allow you to read and save the xBox discs to your hard drive.


Step 1 - Reading The DVD

Start by placing the non-game DVD into your computer's DVD drive. This will be the DVD which is over 7.5GB, such as Heroes Disc Series One Disc 3.

Insert DVD

Please note - you should NOT put the blank DVD in yet.
Put the original disk you have which is over 7.5 gb.


Then, you need to open up WxRipper on your PC, and from the drop-down menu from the top, select the drive with the DVD inside, like this:


Next, you need to click on the square "stop" button to get WxRipper to stop the DVD drive from spinning around:


This stops the DVD drive so that we can "emergency eject" the DVD writer and then put the original game disc inside to be read. To do this, you just need to open the drive with a paperclip:

Paperclip Trick

To see a tutorial on how to do this safely, check out this link.

After you've opened the DVD, take out your other DVD and put in the xBox game disk. You will need to push the drive in yourself because it won't auto-close.


Once the game disk is inserted, press the "Play" button on WxRipper. This will spin the drive and allow the software to read the game disc.


Once you've clicked the play button, you then need to click on the "magnifying glass" icon which is just to the left of it. This will allow WxRipper to find the "magic number" of the game disc:


Continued below...


Step 2- Extracting The Game Data

Clicking the magnify button button will reveal the "magic number" of the game disc. Knowing what this number means isn't important to us - we just need to then click on "Save Layout File" to save the game image to our hard drive:


When you click on the "Save Layout File" icon, you'll then be presented with a Windows box wanting you to save the file. You can call the file whatever you like, just remember where you save it.


After you've done that, you then need to browse to that file in your Windows Explorer and open it with Notepad:


Then you need to change the first letter on the 3rd line, from a C to a D:


It should look like this (don't worry about the numbers - yours will be different):


Once you've edited that single letter, save that file by pressing CTRL+S. Then you need to head back to WxRipper and open that same file by pressing the "open" icon:


Now you need to open the .inf layout file you just have been editing, and then you will see that one of the "copy" points has been changed to "dummy":



Next, we need to "dump" the game data into a .ISO file. This is where WxRipper will copy ALL of the files from your game CD to a file on your hard drive. And you do it by pressing the small green arrow button by the drive select:


This will bring up a "save" window, where you just name the .iso file whatever you want and then click "Save". This will then start the "dump" process that WxRipper has built in:


This will take some time, and you'll be able to see when it's done because the "status" number will increase:


This "dump" process will normally take 30-45 minutes depending on the size of the game. And here's what it will look like at the end of the process:


You are now left with an .ISO file and an .LTF file. The ISO will contain the actual files for your game and the LTF is just for WxRipper to explain what the game is. You can delete the LTF if you want.

This will leave an ISO file on your PC, which you can then burn to DVD / CD for safe keeping.

Burning the DVD

In order to burn the DVD/CD to a disc for safe keeping, you will have to use DVD Decrypter.

1. Insert a blank DVD / CD into the DVD burner of your PC. It's important that you use the right disc for the type of game that you are copying. If you copy a game which is a DVD, you need to put it on a DVD and the same for a CD.

2. Open up DVD Decrypter

3. On MENU > MODE > ISO > choose "Write W":

Step 3

4. In the "source" section, select the game image that you saved in Step 2. The software should open the Windows Explorer screen in the same location as it did when you saved the image.

5. For the "destination", make sure that you select the DVD / CD drive that you have.

6. You need to choose a write speed of "4X" to ensure maximum success

7. Then click on the HDD > DVD image at the bottom (which should be colored in if you have the right blank disc inserted into your drive). This will load up the "Writing" screen, which will take no longer than around 40 minutes.

8. Upon completion, you can celebrate your success at making your first copy of a video game!




Please note we do not condone the illegal breach of copyright that copying or acquiring someone
else's games brings. By using our system, you accept that you will only use this information for entertainment purposes only, and only for games that you legally own.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage or affects caused by using the information in this guide.